Hi, welcome to Lemonade Consulting! Financial consulting for creative & international pioneers.

Lemonade Consulting provides financial consulting aimed at making you a self-reliant pioneer, all with a fair price tag.

Let’s be straight, are you running into any of these problems?

  • Worries over administration, lost receipts & incorrect invoices
  • Frustrating Excell sheets, tax forms & miscalculations
  • Language barriers, complicated terminology & difficult regulations
  • Nagging doubts about whether the tax man will fine you for a tiny mistake that you spend so many hours trying to do correctly?

Yes? Then you came to the right place.

We are going to take your financial lemons and turn them into lemonade. My aim is to make you self reliant in your business management by providing the help you need to simplify your administration, tax obligations and business decisions. So you can focus on the creative practice, international adventure or start-up business that you love doing. Solutions, you ask? How about:

  • Direct troubleshooting & expert business coaching
    (both in Dutch and English)
  • Administration set-up & check-up
  • Assistance on submitting your income tax returns & BTW-forms
  • Tips & tricks for starting / managing your business
  • Finding & negotiating new clients
  • Project / budget-management on your project- or business proposal
  • Balancing employment, freelancing and other sources of income

What is Lemonade Consulting about?

My name is Jan van Egmond and as a creative freelancer and small business owner, I have experience in many aspects of business and financial management. I started helping people for free to ease their financial stress during the Corona crisis and got thinking: what if I can provide financial self-confidence to those who need it the most, in a socially responsible way? Hence, Lemonade Consulting was born. Professional consulting to make you a self reliant pioneer, charged for a fair fee. Whether you are an established professional artist, a Dutch creative freelancer, international expat or exchanger, or simply started your own business: you deserve the confidence to stay financially healthy so you can focus on what you love most. That is the ideal behind Lemonade Consulting!

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Fair Fee table

Curious to know what you might spend? See the table below or e-mail me for an offer.

Annual income*Fee p/hour**4 hour deal***
(& discount total)
€0,- to €10.000,-25,-80,-
€10.000,- to €20.000,-40,-140,-
Over €20.000,-55,-195,-

Your fee is based on your annual income. That is all the income that you have within one calendar year, combined from employment, business profits and (government) benefits such as WW, BBZ, Bijstandsuitkering, etc. Please note that all prices are excluding 21% BTW.

** These fees apply standard, charged per 5 minutes of service, once you decide to use my services. Of course, getting to know each other is free of charge.

*** A 4 hour deal allows you to call upon my services whenever you need, without worry of being charged extra. You can tailor this to your need within reasonable terms to get the most out of my service. You can still opt-in after 1 hour of normal priced service.

Trust is key

The Fair Fee table underlines the social responsibility of Lemonade Consulting: professional financial consulting to those who need it most, with a price tag that everyone can afford. Trust is key and I aim to be as forthcoming as possible in providing you with proper service. In turn, I trust that you are honest and reasonable in negotiating the service you seek. If you have any questions or would like an offer, please e-mail me or use the form below.

Contact me

(This may determine the hourly fee which you will be charged. For reference, see the Fair Fee table above)